Here are some excellent resources

How can a provider find out the most accurate billing codes?

See the Texas toolkit here for billing code resources.

How can a provider obtain these devices? 

Company reps in the San Antonio area:

Liletta - Sean De Coulaz (Actavis/Allergan) 210-601-6538

Nexplanon - Steve OMalley (Merck) 210-441-1649

Paraguard - Jerry Mijares (, 210-202-6045

Mirena, Skyla, Kyleena - Jaime Casas (Bayer), 210-740-7847

How can a provider provide Immediate Postpartum LARC Insertion? 

The University Hospital System has a program in IPPI.  We have helped to initiate a program at North Central Baptist.  If you provide obstetric care at another San Antonio area hospital without a program, please contact us.  We would like to help you establish one.

Please see this link for discussion of procedure.

What is ACOG’s stance on LARC devices in nulligravida women?

Read ACOG Committee Opinion #539 here.

Can doctors or providers other than GYNs place IUDs?

Yes, family physicians and nurse practitioners can be trained.