Dr. Skop answers some of your most important questions!

I have private insurance, is birth control covered?

The Affordable Care Act mandates that insurance cover at least one brand of each of the eighteen different kinds of contraception, including LARC (although you may still have to pay your deductible).

Are all types of IUDs and other LARCs available at all family planning clinics?

Family planning clinics should have experience with each of these devices. If you find out that your clinic does not provide LARCs, please notify us, and we will find a clinic for you that does.

I have Medicaid, will it cover the cost of a LARC?

Beginning in 2016, Medicaid covers LARCs.

If I don’t have an ob/gyn, where would I go to get a LARC?

Please see the list of community health clinics on the Resources page to find a provider who can give you a LARC.

I am a college student, can I get a LARC at the student health clinic?

If your student health clinic does not provide LARCs, they can direct you to a clinic that does, or refer to the Resources page.

My friend told me that her IUD was covered under some women’s fund. I called my doctor’s office, and was told because I don’t have insurance that I have to pay full cost. What is the women’s fund?

The state of Texas now generously provides contraceptive funding for women who think they cannot afford it through several programs: Healthy Texas Women, Family Planning Program, and the federal government provides money through Title X Programs.

My doctor says I will have to pay for a nexplanon which I can’t afford. Is there a clinic where there are funds available to help out with the cost?

See our Resources page for funding services and clinics.

I am an immigrant, but am not documented. I cannot afford contraceptives, but would like to get an IUD. Is there a clinic that will help me, or funds available?

The Family Planning funds available through the state of Texas do not require documentation of citizenship. Please see the Resources page to apply. Also Title X funds through Planned Parenthood provide prorated services, so this may reduce the cost to one you can afford.